how to make a great gym bag to fit your style


I had so much fun putting together a pattern for a gym bag that feels more personal, practical, artsy – more of what I would want in a bag (and hopefully you, too). It ended up having a sort of retro feel to the final project, but modern enough to carry every day. Is it ok to say that I love it? And I hope you do, too.


Of course YOUR bag will look the way you choose depending on your fabric choices, colors, zipper, snaps and everything. And honestly, that’s the coolest thing about making your own stuff.

You can grab the pattern/instructions for making the bag in Mollie Makes issue 56 which should be dropping into mailboxes in the UK and Europe this week, and is usually available here in the US about a month after publication at places like JoAnn Fabrics and Barnes & Noble. You can see a preview of Mollie Makes issue 56 here (but it doesn’t include a peek at the pattern, sorry!)

pushing creativity – don’t be afraid to give yourself that gift

bluebird chic artwork preview

So, I have come to a proverbial fork in the road – I’ve been doing a lot of work to push my inner artist: my design sense, my plans, my aesthetic. But the one missing piece is the regular act of doing.

(Anyone else there? Please tell me I’m not alone.)

So, this week marks a little bit of a self challenge to make more art. I’m determined to give this gift to myself.


meet the awkward me – have you ever video blogged before?

So, yeah. After I took this, I thought of so many more things I could have said – like how  I’ll also be sharing a more personal peek at what it’s like being a small business owner, and how I sometimes get hung up on perfection(which is important for products that I sell, but not life) and that keeps me from pressing the button on stuff and I’m trying to change that. I thought about doing another take, but then I realized that was pretty much counter to my whole point. So, here it is. Shaky, imperfect, me. In my studio space talking about where I’ll be going with this blogging stuff.

Happy Friday!

brown paper packages tied up with ribbon

leah farquharson maya road gift wrap 3

Ever have a gift you want to give and to someone really special, and you just want to add that “little something”? I have always and forever loved wrapping my gifts almost as much as I love picking out the perfect things to give. So, when it was my turn to create a project for the Maya Road Design Team blog this past week, I decided to raid my stash of maya road embellishments and make a pretty package. I really believe the accessorizing can make the paper that you choose really pop!

You can see my post with a few extra detail photos on the maya road blog. Have a lovely Monday!

Mollie Makes issue 53 is free today

My all time favorite crafting magazine is running a super fun promo today – if you own the app you can get Mollie Makes issue 53 for free. It’s an awesome way to check out the magazine and see what you think of the projects they include.

Mollie Makes free digital magazine - Mollie Makes 53 FREE

You might even see a project that I contributed – these fun stitched coasters. And shhh… yes, I always love their choice of graphics and fonts – it makes it a pleasure to look through and read every time.

MMS_53_trends5Here’s a bit about Mollie Makes in their words:

Mollie Makes is a lifestyle magazine for those who live creatively. We bring you the latest crafting trends in easy-to-follow how-tos, encouraging you to adapt and share your own crafty spin on things. We celebrate creative industries and give up-and-coming designers their first platform. We discuss hot topics in the design world with lots of insider tips. And above all, we aim to inspire you to live your best, artful life.

Creative endeavours are more than a day job for the Mollie Makes team. From choosing gorgeous indie cushions and prints for our interiors pages to learning how to take beautiful photos for our website and Instagram feeds; customising our clothes to making gifts for friends, we’re crafting along with you. We love trying new things and being inspired by what you’re creating, wearing and blogging about too.

The Mollie Makes community is supportive, lively and full of crafty knowledge and like-minded people. Come and join us!


happy interNational Scrapbook Day

bluebirdchic pocketcard sample photo
Stopping in today to share a quick peek at the pocket scrapbooking card kit that I created for interNational Scrapbook Day! I handpainted these fun journaling cards that you can use for your pocket scrapbooking, planners, or print them to use on traditional scrapbook pages. There are 15 cards, and 7 watercolor wordart .png files that you can layer to create a custom look. I can’t wait to use them!

Here’s the preview image so that you can see everything separately:



I love how vibrant the colors printed out for me. I just pulled up the printable sheets and dropped a few wordarts in to finish.



If you’re interested in having them for yourself, you can grab them as a part of this awesome scrapbook bundle I went in on with a few friends at My Kreative Pursuits. There are a bunch of fun classes, cut files, printables, and templates all bundled together for a great price. Click here to view more details. And have a wonderful time celebrating this great hobby of memory keeping!

monday motivation 002

leah farquharson monday motivation 002

we need men (and women) who can dream of things that never were – John F. Kennedy

I came across this quote this past week and wanted to add it to my collection – it’s such a great reminder to not just look to what you feel is “possible”, but to dream of things you can’t even imagine, yet.

diy crafty like a fox necklace

Today I’m sharing a diy crafty fox crossstiched necklace that I create for Maya Road. Whew!n That was a bit of a mouthful. Are you crafty like a fox?
diy fox necklace maya road leah farquharson-3

The main piece was cross stitched onto the vintage wood scallop and circle charms using a simple pattern that I made. Oh, and I did apply a quick coat of white paint to make the background a bit more neutral for my project.
diy fox necklace maya road leah farquharson-4


After I finished stitching, I added jump rings to the top to attach it to a chain, and add my vintage findings charms.

diy fox necklace maya road leah farquharson-1


Can you see the youngest doing his homework in the background? Ha!


diy fox necklace maya road leah farquharson-5


Happy crafting!

the sunday post – march 8

The sunday post is a weekly collection of links to things that have caught my eye around the interwebs. It’s intended to inspire, inform, and engage with you on everything from current events, to business, art, or crafting. You can find past Sunday Post entries here.

It’s the End of Fashion as we Know It in DeZeen magazine (shared by Holly Becker) – this is a really interesting article, and I have to agree with her, as someone who follows fashion. I don’t know what’s in store for the industry, but it’s definitely changed.

4 People you Need on Your Team by Tara Gentile – I’ve been thinking about this a lot as I work on expanding my business. How to connect with people, grow and expand!

Why I don’t Give or Sell Digital Files by Sarah Petty for the Joy of Marketing. I’m not sure where I stand on this as a photographer, but I found this article really interesting. And I totally get her point.

It is Well with my Soul DIY Wall art by Bonnie Christine – I came across this a WHILE ago, but since I’ve been repainting and doing some things around the house, I’ve been thinking about it again. I’m not sure that I’ll use gold letters, but I want to put up a quote on our walls.

25% of people have a 4th cone and can see colors as they are by Prof Diana Derval – Um. This is cool. I have no idea on the neuroscience behind it, but it makes sense to me. I saw 38 of the 39, and have always had a knack for mixing and matching colors – even when I don’t have a swatch. I should ask my husband to take the test, just to see how he sees it differently, huh? We always assume that our experience is what everyone else has, but it would make sense that not everyone even sees all of the colors on the spectrum.

Have a lovely week!