free sewing pattern from purl soho – city gym shorts


Is it plain crazy to admit that I’ve been on the hunt for a pattern for these for me (there’s one out there for kids) for a really long time? And, um, yes, I’m a child of the 70′s, and wore this style when I was a kid in the 80′s. So when I saw this in my email newsletter from Purl Soho, you best believe I took off after that link. You can find the instructions and free pattern for these city gym shorts on their blog, The Purl Bee.

I will be making these.

Also, be sure to stop by the bluebird chic facebook page and weigh in – color? Or black and white? I’m choosing fabrics to add to my scarf collection of camera straps.


decide who you want to be



Isn’t this one of the hardest things in life? First, learning who you are, and then deciding what you want to do with it? I have to admit, it’s something I’ve been wrestling with the last few months, especially in terms of my business, and where I’d like to go with it.

I’m so happy that the ending is a good one. The coolest part is once you know where you’re going, it’s just a matter of making a plan to get there. (Don’t worry – nothing is going away, it’s more a matter of tweaking things, refining things, and deciding what new things will be a part of the journey!)

I have so many interests, it’s easy for me to lose focus if I’m not careful. It goes something like this:  head down, working hard, look up – squirrel! I’m constantly learning new things, and sometimes it makes it hard to decide which ones I want to include in my business. (Can anyone else out there relate?)

Anyway, last night, I sat down and had a mental heart to heart chat with myself about what I really want to do. And it was awesome. Because I have this sense of peace that has settled over me, and that’s really cool.


from app to archive – social media scrapbooking with megan hoeppner



Just wanted to take a moment today to mention that the lovely Megan Hoeppner will be live on Creative Live today talking about ways to use your social media accounts to help you create awesome scrapbooks. She’s awesome people, and fab at what she does, so I’ll be tuning in for sure!

You can watch the live broadcast for free today and tomorrow, but you can always make the purchase and have anytime access to it, too! We have a few things in the works together coming soon, so be sure to check out what she has going on.


time, perspective, and scrapbooks


As I returned home in the early morning hours I was able to watch the sun rise over Chicago. I think the skyline there is a personal favorite of mine. I’ve learned to love those beautiful buildings with all of their amazing architecture, since my husband has made a hobby of researching and studying city skylines and skyscrapers. It’s not something I would have been inclined to, having not grown up around cities myself. Isn’t it beautiful how loving another person can expand our personal base of interests?

I spent last week in the throes of planning last minute travel after the sudden passing of my grandfather. It was a tough week overall. Beyond the difficulty of the travel itself (roughly 28 hours of travel by plane and car in a 47 hour period), the emotion of dealing with the passing of a loved one whom you know has had tremendous influence on your life is almost overwhelmed by the finality of having your last living grandparent leave this world.


The finality of knowing that the places that hold so many of your childhood memories will no longer be there when you next return.

I found myself feeling sadness, yes, but more a renewed sense of wanting to make my own mark in the lives of those that I love.

A renewed desire to document our lives.

You see, one of the things that we sifted through in the basement of my grandparent’s home was piles, and piles of diaries and scrapbooks from my grandmother.



In a time when not many people took the expense and care, she did. Newspaper clipping, birth certificates, and photos, all organized into books by family. Not complete by any means. But there.

And of all the things in the home, the family stood over these the most. Recalling names of people, places, and events. There was so much history there. I heard about threshing bees, and barn dances, and saw the daily lives of my family members from generations past, along with the lives of my father, aunts, and uncles.

My grandmother may not have been a very loving person – she endured a lot of hard things in her life. But she did give us a gift that all of us will always cherish. It’s ironic that we didn’t take the time to go through things until my grandfather passed, as well. I guess we were more focused on making sure he was ok than anything else.

So, all that to say, expect a renewed focus on documenting our lives. I’ll be pulling out my camera more. And carrying it with me. And not giving a damn whether I look like a tourist. These are my memories – OUR memories. And they will be printed, and documented, and not left to molder on a computer hard drive or camera memory card.

Because that’s what it’s all about. And I can’t wait to renew that journey.