burlap packaging + a giveaway from My Four Hens



{pictured here – the country chic chevron camera strap cover}

I had one of those moments this week when I was getting ready to slip orders into their packages and take them off to the post office and realized – hey, no packaging tissue. No tissue? No problem. One the the universal laws that applies to moms and business owners is that we need to be ready to improvise, right? I’d say I’m happy enough with the burlap that it may be staying. With the addition of a bit of tissue beneath. Ha! The feathers, twine, and stickers have been around for a while already, and I really love them.

And if you haven’t had a chance, I think there’s ONE MORE DAY LEFT to enter the giveaway hosted by the fabulous Sarah Cornish of My Four Hens Photography. She is so amazing… and I love her homespun, heartfelt photography.

Have an amazing day!


how to find the start/program menu on a windows 8 pc

I’ve been absent here the last couple of days because due to a series of unfortunate events, a cup of coffee was dumped into the keyboard of my brand new laptop. After a lot of work and internet tutorials, I’ve managed to resurrect what I surely thought couldn’t be possible. It’s still having a few keyboard issues, but it’s better than could be expected.

Before all of this happened, I had planned a fun (and hopefully helpful) tutorial on how to find the start/program menu on your windows 8 pc. When I first purchased the new laptop, I was completely puzzled when I installed software aaaannnnd… couldn’t seem to locate an icon to open word? Or photoshop elements? Where could they have gone? They didn’t automatically install a shortcut to the desktop, either. And where was the list of all of the programs on the pc? Hmm. So, of course, I did a little google search. And came up with some interesting info. If you’re new to windows 8, I’m hoping you’ll find it helpful, too.


¬†First of all, your start menu is a totally new format. But you already knew that. This is the screen that appears when you click the windows icon in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. I haven’t really spent a lot of time exploring this because it seems a bit confusing to me. I’m sure I’ll get it figured out when I have time to play around, but – well, who has time for that? I really need to get to the nuts and bolts of what I need for work and classes at the moment, so I suppose that’s a project for summer. Next on my list is seriously changing that desktop background photo. -_-


Ok. So this is what you need to know to find your programs on your Windows 8 pc. Instead of immediately exiting this very different setup for the more familiar desktop, you can access your programs one of two ways. In this screen, type Ctrl + Tab, OR click the arrow within the circle that’s beneath the desktop “button”.

That will bring up a screen like this:


Walah! Your “programs” aren’t called programs anymore, they’re called “apps”. I have no clue what even half of this stuff is. But that’s pretty normal. Now that I can find it, I can at least start getting rid of the things that I don’t need of use.

Important things to note:

- Navigation scrolls from left to right, and not up and down anymore.

- From here you can double click on the program you need to access to open it.

- To exit this menu, you just need to hover over the bottom portion of the screen (but not all the way to the edge (about a half inch above), and an arrow that points up inside a circle will appear.

- click that arrow and you’re back to the basic start menu that will allow you to go into the desktop format

So, I’ll keep dreaming and saving and budgeting to get back to a mac one day soon, but in the mean time, I’m enjoying having a working computer. It’s really a necessary bit of life for me between blogging, business, and design classes! Having lost it for a few briefs days made THAT clear enough!

Can’t wait to dive in and get back to blogging this week with an update on how things are going in my little studio space update!


heartbleed info related to etsy


Since my shops are hosted on the Etsy website, I wanted to make sure that I linked up and sent pertinent information to everyone regarding the crazy Heartbleed hacker bug on the the internet news this week. Obviously this is a big deal to everyone, and it’s pretty important to take the steps that the experts are recommending to protect yourself.

For me personally, this is one of the reasons I’m happy I don’t run security for my sites, I honestly am not qualified in that arena. ¬†Etsy tech people were on this before and as the story broke applying patches to get their site safe again. BUT they do recommend that you log out of your current session on the site, log back in, and change your password. They also recommend enabling a second security feature that texts you a special random code every 30 days to verify that you are indeed the owner of the account. I haven’t enabled this secondary verification feature yet, but it sounds like a pretty good idea.

Here’s the blog post update from Etsy with links for all the how-to’s for changing passwords, etc. Sigh. And all of us honest folk are left scrambling to change passwords and monitor accounts. Ugh. Instead of posting something pretty today, well, here I am. Happy weekend, peeps!


jelly bean inspiration


One of the assignments this week for the design class that I’m taking has to do with discovering color inspiration in your everyday world. i don’t know about you, but I find jelly beans inspiring in more than a few ways. These are a new favorite from Laffy Taffy. Fair warning: They’re addictive.


facebook giveaway

{ruched camera strap cover – fresh}

Just popping in to let you know that I’m sharing a giveaway on the bluebirdchic facebook page today! I’ve been sharing gieaways there from time to time lately, and thought I would give my blog readers a little head’s up. There are no requirements to like the page, or share anything. I just ask you to comment on the thread so that I can keep track to choose a winner! ^_^ Good luck!

And oh – have I mentioned that I’m super excited to be diving into my new fabric stash this afternoon to work on some very new things and ideas for the shop? It’s super exciting and I can’t wait to share them next week!

Happy Thursday!