remembering the reason for the holiday season


As I’m making a huge list of things I need to get done this week, I chose to remind myself that the reason I do all of these things is love. And that makes it just that much easier. You can see more detail on this project that I created for the Maya Road booth at International Quilt Market on the Maya Road blog today!

I’m going to try to snap a quick peek at all of the things I’ve got going on the the upcoming sales this weekend to post tomorrow! Have an amazing Monday!



the sunday post – november 23

The sunday post is a weekly collection of links to things that have caught my eye around the interwebs. It’s intended to inspire, inform, and engage with you on everything from current events, to business, art, or crafting. You can find past Sunday Post entries here.

science and van gogh – how van gogh’s “starry night” is a visual depiction of a phenomena that scientists are just beginning to understand. This. Is awesome. No further comment.

why I won’t work for publicity by diydoyenne – while I don’t care for t he negative tone of this article, I totally get it. And until bloggers, artists, photographers, designers and other creatives decide collectively that this is a truth that we need to live by, there will continue to be those that attempt to take advantage of our time and talent.

7 pieces of wisdom that will change the way you work on 99u – oh, man. This is so true. I have read and re-read Stephen Pressfield’s book. It’s one of the best out there. Almost like the essential personal guide to being an freelance artist – he covers all of the aspects of the mental preparation and discipline. When I find myself slipping, I pick up his book. This article sites Stephen Pressfield’s book, and offers wisdom from several others. So good.

Riptide by Vance Joy – I heard this song on the radio yesterday and immediately had to look it up. It’s just happy. And fun.

This dress from Anthropologie - I’m starting to think about what to wear for the holidays, and this one caught my eye. I can see it with my black tights and glitter toms. Done. And comfy.

Have a lovely weekend!


evening making session

bluebird chic making - bluebirdchic.com

Sharing a peek at a bit of the making process. This was me sitting at our table last night working away! If you’re interested in seeing more of my process, I’ve been sharing on my bluebirdchicllc instagram feed. Happy Friday!


Maya Road booth at International Quilt Market

MR houston quilt market 2014 - bluebirdchic.com

Yesterday I shared a bit on the booth that we set up for Maya Road at the International Quilt Market on the Maya Road Design Team blog! So many fun and amazing projects from the design team to fill the booth! I had fun working the booth and learned a lot while I was there!


the latest scarf camera straps in the shop

bluebirdchic scarf camerastrap peacock ikat - bluebirdchic.com

{peacock ikat}

Several new scarf camera straps are making their way in to the shop – I still have a lot sitting on my bench waiting to be photographed. I’m so in love with all of the latest patterns I’ve collected. They’re some of the newest arriving on the marketplace just in time for Christmas!

bluebirdchic scarf camera strap market square - bluebirdchic.com

{market square}

bluebirdchic scarf camera strap vintage paper flowers - bluebirdchic.com

{paper flowers}

I love how this one reminds me of clipping the flowers from vintage cards – can you just see them scattered around you on the floor? Beautiful prints and patterns make me feel just a little bit more alive when I’m around them. How about you? I really can’t wait to share a bit of the sewing that I’ve got up my sleeve soon! Hope you’re enjoying a lovely  Tuesday!