chic valentine jane camera straps



I don’t usually have deals running all in a row, but sometimes, because they’re scheduled by the sites themselves, I don’t have a lot of control over the scheduling. So, lucky for you, that means two sales this week! (Not to mention the sweetheart sale coming to the etsy shop for Valentines! That’s the only time you’ll see my scarf camera at a special price, so keep your eyes on your emails if you’ve been wanting one! I only put those on sale a few times a year. Last time was Black Friday!)

Back to the matter at hand – these lovely Valentine themed camera straps (I’m calling them “lover’s lane”) are available on the jane.com site for just two more days at this special price. Check out the deal here. Happy shopping!



using social media for project inspiration

Why, yes, I’m a big lover of social media. I love how it inspires me and gives me a way to connect with others that have similar likes, hobbies, work, and dreams. One thing I really strive for in my use of social media is to make sure that I’m not just becoming a “collector”. You know exactly what I’m talking about – it’s so easy to¬†pin this project for inspiration, or save this recipe, or like that photo, but instead of actually translating that inspiration into a real life project, it just becomes something cute to look at on your phone or computer. So this week I shared a project I created using inspiration from instagram so you can see for yourself how easy it is to do.

leah farquharson maya road coffee layout(Psst. Aren’t these new felt flowers and metal trinket charms from Maya Road awesome? They’re new and will be shipping very soon!)

leah farquharson maya road coffee layout detail1

Read all about my inspiration for the layout on the Maya Road design team blog here.

If you’re interested in checking out more of my scrapbooking projects, you can see them here. I do a lot less now than I used to, but I still definitely enjoy it!




cozy flannel backed jane camera straps – for a steal

bluebirdchic workspace

With all of the travel in the last month for the Craft and Hobby Association Show in Anaheim, blogging has fallen a bit by the wayside for me. I’m trying to formulate a plan to keep blogging regularly, since I do love sharing our lives and other little side projects that I take on and make. I’m also trying to decide if it’s best to split my blogs to be topic specific so you can just follow along with whatever topics you enjoy most, or just keep it all together, because, honestly, this is my life and business all jumbled into one. Anyone else face this dilemma?

In the mean time, if you miss seeing my updates, I’m still posting to instagram regularly! I share what I’m up to daily, and sneak peeks at things that are coming. I think now that I’ve upgraded my mobile phone, I’ll be doing a lot more things that I haven’t in a while. It’s got a better camera, and lots more storage space. This makes my life much easier. And every time I sit down to blog, I realize I do miss it – a lot!

Now to my post for today – I wanted to stop in and share that I’m doing a closeout deal on these flannel backed jane camera straps. I know they haven’t been around long, but I’m already thinking ahead to spring, and working on products and goods that are coming as you can see from the photo post above from yesterday!

bluebirdchic flannel backed camera strap

You can see the deal listing here on groopdealz.com – but as you can see from the listing, it expires tomorrow night at midnight!

Enjoy a lovely Sunday!


new favorite mixed drink – baby guiness recipe

bluebird chic baby guiness recipe

I’ll admit, I had wanted to share this lovely baby guiness mixed drink recipe that my husband discovered and brought home this past month. Well, he brought home the idea, and I looked up the recipe. I tried a few different versions, and this is the one we settled on as a favorite – and since I don’t really measure anything, it’s super easy to put together. The only thing that takes a bit of practice, is keeping the two drinks from mixing as you pour. Here’s what you’ll need:

Baby Guiness Recipe

coffee tequila (I use XO cafe patron)

Irish Cream Liquor (I use Bailey’s)

a 1 ounce shot glass

a spoon

Chill the tequila, Irish cream, and the shot glass or glasses by keeping the liquors in the refrigerator, and placing the glasses the the freezer. Fill the glass 2/3 of the way with the coffee tequila. Using a spoon, pour approximately 1/4 oz. of Irish cream over the back of the spoon to keep the two liquors from mixing. This will float the Irish cream on top to mimic the look of a draft guiness. I sometimes pop the finished glasses into the freezer for a couple of minutes to add a bit of extra chill. Sip to enjoy.


new in the bluebird chic shop

bluebirdchic scarf camera strap winter gray

Popping in quickly today to share one of the latest scarf camera strap additions to the shop – winter gray. I think she’s beautiful, subtle, and chic. Hope you’re enjoying your holidays!

bluebirdchic scarf camera strap winter gray2