new scarf camera strap in the shop – neon waterfall

bluebird chic scarf camera strap neon waterfall
{neon waterfall scarf camera strap}

I’m finally getting a chance to upload all of the new goods into the shop, and this one is a new favorite! I have a small stash of them that I keep when I just. Can’t. Let. Them. Go… I figure it’s good advertising for my business, right?


{tokyo mountainside}

And one more for now:

bluebird chic arizona red scarf camera strap

{arizona red}

Have a lovely Thursday!

the sunday post – march 8

The sunday post is a weekly collection of links to things that have caught my eye around the interwebs. It’s intended to inspire, inform, and engage with you on everything from current events, to business, art, or crafting. You can find past Sunday Post entries here.

It’s the End of Fashion as we Know It in DeZeen magazine (shared by Holly Becker) – this is a really interesting article, and I have to agree with her, as someone who follows fashion. I don’t know what’s in store for the industry, but it’s definitely changed.

4 People you Need on Your Team by Tara Gentile – I’ve been thinking about this a lot as I work on expanding my business. How to connect with people, grow and expand!

Why I don’t Give or Sell Digital Files by Sarah Petty for the Joy of Marketing. I’m not sure where I stand on this as a photographer, but I found this article really interesting. And I totally get her point.

It is Well with my Soul DIY Wall art by Bonnie Christine – I came across this a WHILE ago, but since I’ve been repainting and doing some things around the house, I’ve been thinking about it again. I’m not sure that I’ll use gold letters, but I want to put up a quote on our walls.

25% of people have a 4th cone and can see colors as they are by Prof Diana Derval – Um. This is cool. I have no idea on the neuroscience behind it, but it makes sense to me. I saw 38 of the 39, and have always had a knack for mixing and matching colors – even when I don’t have a swatch. I should ask my husband to take the test, just to see how he sees it differently, huh? We always assume that our experience is what everyone else has, but it would make sense that not everyone even sees all of the colors on the spectrum.

Have a lovely week!


the sunday post – february 22

The sunday post is a weekly collection of links to things that have caught my eye around the interwebs. It’s intended to inspire, inform, and engage with you on everything from current events, to business, art, or crafting. You can find past Sunday Post entries here.

 My own life – Oliver Sacks on Learning He has Terminal Cancer: The New York Times – this is such a moving and beautiful piece.

No Pain, No Gain Fifty Shades of Gray by Anthony Lane for The New Yorker – I’m not even going to touch the controversy surrounding this book and film. Though I haven’t read or seen either of them, this satirical piece totally made me chuckle.

Three Bird Nest: The Etsy Success Story Redefined by Abby Glassenburg - This is an insightful piece that’s very well written. This has been such a controversial story amongst Etsy sellers, and I can share through personal experience this very same issue has affected my sales as the marketplace has shifted from being filled with purely handmade, artisan shop owners, to include people that are re-selling imported goods. I understand the spirit behind their allowing outside manufacturing. I think it’s essential, for example, for artists creating graphic prints, or t-shirts. The shift in the marketplace has prompted me to diversify my selling methods in order to continue to grow my business, and part of me is a little sad. But the business side of me understands completely.

Sex is Tricky – Momastery by Glennon Doyle Melton – Oh my gosh. I died laughing at this hilarious blog post regarding the random questions your kids ask that make your freeze mid-motion. So much so, that our boys asked me what was so funny as I shook with mirth at my desk/dining table. Sorry, kiddos, not sharing this one!

Nine American Habits I Lost When I Moved to Germany by Vanessa Van Doren on Matador – The older I get, and the more I learn, the more I’m understanding myself. I don’t think I ever have wanted to visit Germany, in spite of that being a large part of my heritage, until I read this article. This, I can get down with. These are all characteristics of my family, and I’m finally beginning to understand! Combine that with the Jewish genes, and my biggest challenge in life is keeping my sarcastic honesty in check. Because I’ve learned the hard way, that not all people think honesty is a good thing. But the positive cultural characteristics balance it out – like, “not assuming other’s guilt”, and “offering a willing helping hand”. It’s almost me in a nutshell.

Enjoy! And I always love hearing your thoughts!

#smallbiz Saturday interview feature with Stella Reynoso


Stella Reynoso featured me on her #smallbiz Saturday post this past weekend, and she had some really fun questions! If you’re interested in getting to know me as a business owner a little bit better, you can stop by her post here.

love tag

leah farquharson winter love tag


I took a moment of creative time a while ago to create this fun mixed media tag for Maya Road. You can see the full post on the Maya Road blog. On this weekend holiday associated with love, we’ll be celebrating our anniversary! We typically ignore Valentine’s all together in favor of that. Although I usually pick up a small treat for our boys! How do you celebrate? Or do you ignore it? (We always say we don’t need the excuse of a holiday to hang out together.)

Just a small note – this is the type of post that will be migrating to my personal blog after this weekend (hopefully, fingers crossed as I set it up!), so keep an eye out for that this week!