expressing gratitutude – a mini book


As I worked on this project, I honestly got to thinking. I’m so thankful that I have the privilege of working with people and companies that embrace my style of creativity – like Jenni Bowlin.


When I started to take a step back a bit from working on design teams in the scrapbooking industry, it really made me think about the work that I do, and the time that I spend. I thought about the companies that I was working with and how my style fit with their’s. AND what my time was worth. And I’m happy to say that the companies that I work with today are the best fit for me. And that takes the stress out of creating. Big time. You are able to stop stressing about whether the project is what they want, what they’ll think.  It so much easier to be creative when you can let those things go!


I used the Jenni Bowlin naked chipboard journal for my base. And pretty much all Jenni Bowlin goods to embellish. Except for the fabric goods from my stash. I’m working to incorporate more fabrics in my projects since they are such a big part of my life.


I normally add photos to my projects before posting, but it’s been a busy week.  You can see where I penciled in the spots I’m planning to add them.


And I still love feathers. I know. They’ve been around a while. Doesn’t matter. I’ve had these packs for years and love slipping them in whenever I can…


There’s plenty of room to write lots of journaling on things I’m grateful for, with just a few photos.


I loved creating with a neutral color palette for this. I’ve really been thinking on these colors a lot and will be sharing an inspiration board on another project here next week… I really can’t wait to share!


And the lovely green leaves will be making an appearance in my shop tomorrow, when I update! I can’t wait to share them for your Christmas and holiday creating.


Can’t wait to share more! Have a lovely evening!


  1. Maryangella says

    This has to be my favorite mini of all times and it would be prefect to document my 30 days of being thankful!
    It is so great to see how your continue to flourish all the while never compromising your style! Keep it up girlie because your are doing a fantastic job!

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